Download [ManyVids] Shanaxnow - 18yo NECK FETISH SENSITIVE SEDUCTION
Freshly made up and dressed elegantly, I look at myself in the mirror, I just brush my hair and proceed to put on my earrings and a pendant on my neck, it is appreciated that I am well dressed and how can I let between seeing my neck clean and white. It will look very smooth and young. I will proceed to put perfume on my neck. The video will be made very bright during the day. I will caress my neck with the tips of my fingers, I will slide from my cheeks through the clavicles until I finish on my chest. I will play with my hair, stroking my neck with it. I will take a piece of paper or cloth and gently stroke the skin and nerve endings on my neck, inducing tickling. It will be recorded from the side, front and also the back of my neck, where I will part my hair so that the back is visible. After that, he will come to me, my boyfriend attracted by the perfume and by how elegantly dressed I am. He will come to me and start giving me soft kisses on my neck from all sides and sticking his head to my body. After that, I will remove my top clothes so that my naked sexy torso can be fully seen my tits., Size: 1.47 GB

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