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Zoe has invited me to a party. I'm excited and nearly ready, putting on the last touches to my make up. Zoe calls me asking if I am ready but as she comes to find me in the bathroom I am shocked to see her outfit! She is in shiny latex with bunny ears!!!! She explains that she is a bondage bunny and we are going to a bondage party. I can't believe it I have never been to such a thing, I have nothing to wear but she is very convincing and tells me that I am to be her ponygirl!!! What is a pony girl I ask? She begins to dress me in all the kinky gear, telling me that I will be her submissive pet for the evening and I am to follow all her rules. It makes me wet thinking about it! She pulls out a tail and I have no idea where its supposed to go until she leans over pushes the plug into my butt. I am starting to feel really sexy and cute as she puts a posture collar, harness, bit gag, pony boots and pony ears onto me before making me practise around the room being a pretty pony. Wow i'm really starting to get into this. I'm excited to be her pet for the evening! I get even more excited as she tells me my other hole is going to get filled by a vibrator! She pushes it deep into my pussy and begins to tease me with the vibes. I can feel it pushing against the butt plug. I'm so wet and close to cumming by having both my holes filled, being vibed from the inside and knowing we will be walking out in public like this! I do squeal a bit when she puts nasty pegs on my nipples and tells me they will be there all night though! With more pony girl training and posture practice, I am instructed exactly how I should hold myself as a pony girl! I ask if I am allowed to look at myself in the mirror, squealing but with joy this time, when mistress Zoe allows me to and I see the beautiful pony I have become! We then head off to the party and have the best night! On our return Mistress Zoe tells me to undress so she can tuck me in. As I have been so good all evening she shows me the collar I am to wear to bed and treats me to a HUGE orgasm with a vibrator in my pyjamas before locking me up for the night and cuddling me to sle.ep. What a happy submissive pony girl I am!, Size: 1.75 GB

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