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One of the substances that we hadn't tried yet was paint. We always wanted to try it but we never actually did. So to fix this, we picked up 10 bottles of paint and a few paintbrushes and gave it a go. It was so hot and exciting, definitely one of our new favorite substances. This scene start with Bob sitting on a chair in nothing more than his underwear. Cleo picks the first colour and starts to suirt some yellow paint on Bob. She then uses the paintbrush to cover his torso with it. Another bottle of paint is opened and some green paint joins the fun. Cleo deliberatly squirts some of it over the quickly growing bulge in Bob's pants and teases it with the paintbrush. By the time Cleo takes the next bottle, Bob is so excited that he hopes his underwear open and asks her to pour the red paint in it. Uses the paintbrush, she gives his hard tool a quick brush to spread the paint evenly. An extra coat of blue paint on his cock completes the job. Cleo then hands the brush to Bob and takes her place on the chair. Bob start his paintjob with giving Cleo's lovely big boobs a nice coat of red paint. A nice contrasting blue adds some extra flavour to the painting and Bob makes sure that the area between her legs gets a good coat. He then paints her back in yellow and green. Cleo and Bob then enjoy some quality time together as a couple. Cleo sits front to front in Bob's lap and they rub theire bodies together while Bob adds white, green and black paint. Cleo then turns around to give the camera the full view of her gorgeous body and boobs while Bob squeezes them and rubs the paint all over her skin. To give this colourful scene a happy ending, Cleo gets down in front of Bob and starts to give him a handjob. After a while, he takes over and climaxes while cumming on her big paint-covered boobs., Size:

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