MissWhitneyMorgan [ManyVids] - Whitney Morgan Give Into Your Sissy Side

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In this little dream sequence, you listen to the soothing, rythmic sound of Miss Whitney Morgan's voice. ASMR to your sissy ears. She wants you to convert, she wants you to give in, she wants you to see your full potential as her sissy. She knows how much you fantasize about being a real woman - to have perky tits, a plump ass, lovely cock sucking lips. To be able to suck and fuck like a real woman. With each little sniff sniff of the brown bottle you'll sink deeper and deeper. Following Whitney's every word, every command. Become the sissy you are deep down inside, dress up feminine, put whorish lipstick on, suck, fuck, and use that back pussy of yours like the slutty little sissy you desire to be. Give in to your sissy side. Includes: asmr, sissy, sissification, sissified, mesmerize, pov, femdom, sissy training, sissy tasks, sissy slave, sniff, smell, sink deeper, humiliation, sensual., Size:

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