MiztressSophie [ManyVids] - Ballbusting: Volume 2


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For those of you who've seen my previous ballbusting clips, you're alread familiar with how much I love my foot slamming in to the delicate testicles of a slave, and for those who are new to my clips, well, just know that a slave's balls are never safe around me when within kicking distance, and for everyone reading this, I need to let you know that everything that I did to slave's balls in the past, well..... IT WAS ALL JUST A WARM UP. Witness my finest work yet. Chained up by the wrists, shackled at the ankles, masked up... Helpless, completely at my Mercy, and unlucky for him, Mercy is a trait that I severely lack, and am not inclined to show any of. See his balls kicked, stamped, squeezed, slapped, punched ... Listen to him moan in pain, strung up, unable to protect his man-jewels from my barrage of blows. This is the ultimate in ballbusting, and now it's all yours, in full HD! So what are you waiting for? Sit back, relax and watch, happy that it's not you, or, jealous that it isn't? Enjoy, Size:

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female domination bdsm whipping ballbusting corporal punishment