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I come home late after clubbing and dancing and try to quietly sneak in without waking you. You have to be up early but it's hard to be quiet after a night of drinking! You hear me come and ask me about my night and mention that you aren't tired at all, so we chat for a little bit then I ask an odd question. My feet are really sore from dancing in heels and I need some strong hands to rub my feet. Without much hesitation, you kneel down in from of my bed and start rubbing my feet. I'm a little tickling so I can't help but wiggle around. I realize I'm not wearing any panties and that your hard as a rock but I can't figure out if it's because of the lack of panties or if you have a foot fetish?! Sooo I ask pretty bluntly and you come clean about loving feet. I've been drinking a little and it usually makes me a bit too forward... And I'm so horny after seeing your bugle through your jeans... So I have this wild idea.. I want to give you a footjob, I've never done it but always been curious. I lube your cock up and starting teasing it with my soft soles. I can feel your cock throbbing in between my feet as stroke you. I want help but think about riding your cock and filling my pussy with cum. I climb on top of you and tease you my pussy lips first, rubbing your head between them. It all happened so fast really but I don't have a single regret. Your cock feels so good, sliding in and out of my pussy stretching it out little by little. I want you to fill me with cum, I face you so you can see my facial expressions and just how much I'm enjoying this. I can't help but moan and get really vocal about what I want you to do to me... I climax then beg for your cum!, Size:

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