MxtressValleycat [ManyVids] - Hunted By Bully's Boyfriend

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You are the new kid and I am a bully. There's going to be hard lessons for you, as you not only have to submit to me - but also be hunted by my boyfriend. You'll be hunted, beaten, humiliated and while his friends hurt you, I will kiss him as you can only watch and suffer. Once I'm done and they're done, you can be dragged over to kiss and lick my boots - I've made sure to have walked through dirty muddy fields where who knows what manner of filth I've picked up - sure there were some dog walkers earlier. Even when you're defeated, you'll be thrown out and then hunted again, caught and broken down. I'll put my boot on your throat, kick you, take your money and then to add to the humiliation, have you clean my boyfriends boots. This is your life now. - This was a custom clip - for your own custom please contact me., Size:

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pov school uniform humiliation verbal humiliation vaping