phatrabbitkiller [ManyVids] - good strokes and weed smoke / feedback

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earlier that day baby hit me up with some sexy pics in his jock and I’m feeling mannish at the time so I bite the bait I’m like you want me to come thru he like”… always daddy…”he continued saying “...slide that monster dick deep inside my tight hole til I’m open and sloppy wet from yo stroke…” I’m like “…hell. yes…” so bout an hour later I’m at the spot and we chilling smoking an blunt when he hop up bout that action. he like “…this hole wet and ready what’s happening?…” you know me. he didn’t say nothing slick to a can of oil so I put baby in the corner and started poking that hole with my dick. I sware I wasn’t gonna record but the visuals from my pov were too sweet to keep to myself and baby’s hole was making all kinds of noise pooting and burping and farting and what not talking to me in tongues I had to make a movie so here we are and this is what happened, Size:

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