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60fps) Daddy, what do you want most in the entire world?... Hehe you really just want me to be happy? Well, can I tell you what I want? I want... to be a good Mommy. That would make me happy. I want you to share what you have with Mommy. I want to suck you, Daddy, and be just like her - but better! I promise I won't tell. No one will know! I just want a little bit on my face and in my mouth. Only Daddy can make me a Mommy, right? I know I'm being naughty, but I also know you want it. You can't say no. You won't stop me, Daddy. I want it and I'm going to take it. I want your cock and cum deep down my throat. Ohh it feels so good! Related Categories: DADDY'S GIRL, BLOW JOBS, FACE FETISH, DIRTY TALK, FACIALS Includes: taboo, daddy's girl, daddy/daughter, blow job, blowjob, face fetish, facial, dirty talk, deep throat, please, cumshot, cum in mouth, cum swallow, princess leia, leia, Size:

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