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I am a perfect goddess your credit card is what makes me happy. Your money in general is the only thing I want from you. You are a pathetic loser who can only get my attention when you spend. You will spoil me and I will then message you showing you how I am spending all your money on fun things for me. Ill be going out and shopping, buying shoes and clothes and dining out at the best restaurants, while you sit at home and drool over my pictures as I go out and live the good life. You can be a part of my life by giving me your money, thats the only way you can ever be a part of my life. So hand over your money your credit cards and let my fun begin! Clip includes:humiliation, findom, femdom, financial domination, goddess worship, middle finger, loser sign, verbal abuse, money fetish,arrogant women, brat, spoiled, greedy Category: FINANCIAL DOMINATION Related Categories: FEMALE DOMINATION, MONEY FETISH, GODDESS WORSHIP, HUMILIATION Keywords: findom, money, greedy, spoiled, humiliation,, Size:

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