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PROMO free video extended preview full length video. Mommy's so glad you came home as soon as you got sick. No way you would survive and get better without me. NOw let me check your temperature. Ahh your still running a fever and you are still very weak mommy's going to have to help you get ready for bed. Let mommy do what mommy does best and take care of you okay my good boy. I help you to the restroom and brush your teeth since you are too weak to do it yourself, set you back in bed and you shyly let me put on your pajamas instead of being cold in your boxers. Im going to tuck you in this big blanket, Now I want you to sweat all this out and get better. I wish I can snuggle in bed with you. You dont mind if I do????? Maybe mommys warm body will help you sweat out your fever. I have to take off my dress I dont want to wrinkle it. Watch to see what happens next. Mommy coaxing you to suckle from her big swollen breast filled with milk to help your immune system preying on your weak mommas boy nature to do everything she suggest with her sweet voice. Mommy gives so much love you cant say no. Mommys so hot from you suckling that she wants more. She gets on top of you and rides your cock and you cant fight back. What this feels wrong to you??? but not for mommy.. You dont want to be embarrassed you came with mommy??Maybe if I turn around you wont have to be embarrassed I wont see your face when you cum for me., Size:

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