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I called you to my lair today as you have been an obedient and loyal submissive. I have put you through training to become the exact tool that I desire you to be. See, I am not like other mistress's. I am special. I am sure you have noticed things about me. The fact that I am able to control your mind, control your thoughts and your body is not something that was difficult for Me. With other Domme's you've served they have made claims that they can take over your entire life but it has never happened. Until ME. Until I started accepting your service you didn't know what true submission is. I am not surprised as many of men have walked those same footsteps hoping to fall to My feet truly and utterly of my design. I am sure that you've felt the power when I touch you. That ancient power that is beyond your mental capacity. I have allowed you to fall deeper into that submission for a very specific reason. I can truly get any man I want, but there is something so tasty about training and cultivating somebody to be exactly as I want. Almost like a gourmet meal....and I am very hungry., Size:

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