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Watch as I indulge in what starts off as an ordinary hair wash. I love lather and can’t get enough of it. I’m enjoying myself thoroughly when I remember about the slimy soapy substance I came across earlier that day. I touch it and instantly I’m hooked. I’m surprised by how amazing it feels on my skin. It feels as if it knows my just how to make my body quiver. I put it all over myself and experience a pleasure so intense just by slathering it on my body… enjoy me, xo WAM/WET AND MESSY/HAIR WASHING/BUBBLES This custom video was inspired by the following: The serialized novel, "The Effervescence Horizon," tells the story of a pharmaceutical chemist who accidentally creates a living, thinking, soapy, foamy substance that seduces him, his mistress, his wife, and her friends, taking them on orgiastic adventures of erotic self-discovery and endless bubbles, lather, foam, and suds. The website features images and audio to enhance the experience., Size:

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