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Gia has been struggling with her homework alot lately. Good thing stepbro noticed and decided to investigate. It turns out Gia just doesn't understand the material, and is not getting anywhere with it no matter how hard she tries. She decides to ask stepbro to do it, but he isnt about it. She then tries to seduce him by dropping some pens on the floor to expose her ass a little. Gia can see hes aroused, then grabs his bulge. She then unzips him, sucks him off good, swallows his cum, and thanks him for being the best stepbrother ever! The next day Gia and her stepbro are watching some basketball and making some friendly bets on whats gonna happen. Gia keeps losing, and eventually gets super deep into a hole of debt. Gia confesses she doesnt have the money, and stepbro is slightly pissed but decides to cut her a break. He offers to forget the debt if she gives him a massage. Sounds like a good deal to us! Gia starts to massage, then stepbro gets a boner. What a perv! He goes even further and asks gia to help him get rid of it. Gia literally had no choice, so she ended up blowing his cock again until all debts were settled . At this point, stepbro couldnt get enough of his sweet stepsister and decided to set up a hidden camera in her bathroom. Boy did stepbro hit the jackpot! He picked the day Gia went to masturbate. She was really going in, until she spotted the camera! Stepbro busts into the bathroom and tries to fix the situation. He admits how much he has been obsessing over her, and needs one last taste. Gia decides to let him fuck her in hopes that it will make him stop being such a creepy perv. Only time will tell!, Size:

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